Our school has 27 faculty members with high qualifications in different areas of expertise. We take pride in them for their dedication and effectiveness in teaching, research and outreach activities. We are happy that our staff

have undertaken path-breaking research and publication in different fields in line with the global need for constantly expanding the boundaries of knowledge.

Our School consists of the Departments of Linguistics and Languages, Social Sciences, Fashion Design and Marketing, and Humanities. We offer several undergraduate majors in each of those departments. In addition, we offer Master’s degrees in Applied Linguistics, English and Linguistics, Literature, Religious Studies and Kiswahili. We are currently working on PhD programmes in each of the departments in the School.

True to the liberal arts mission, our academic staff and students deal with questions fundamental to human existence. We seek to understand the very nature of our humanity. We seek to improve the quality of life. We seek to preserve our world and culture. We seek truth through artistic innovation. In this regard, our curriculum is diverse, incorporating market-driven programmes and an array of opportunities for research, creative work, internships, and other co-curricular activities.

As a result, our students are poised to develop skills and knowledge that prepare them for a variety of rewarding careers and a lifetime of responsible and accountable citizenship in a complex world. Our School has created an environment where students’ appreciation of the diversity of the human experience is a key hallmark.

As you join and interact with our School, you will find our faculty and students exceptionally talented and creative and this constitutes the single most reason why ours is the School of choice.