Greetings! Welcome to the Department of Social Sciences.
We are a vibrant community of researchers and scholars sharing a commitment to excellence, community service and student.

satisfaction. As a department, we strive to equip our learners with skills and competencies that will prepare them to be competent players in their various fields of specialization. Consequently, the students will also be well equipped to think, function and provide solutions to the various social, political, economic and technological issues in the global communities that they are a part of.

Our commitment as a department is to ensure that we churn out in to the job market well rounded graduates who are well equipped to deal tolerantly and effectively with the challenges of the modern world. With the noticeable changes in our society today, the competencies that are taught in this department are extremely relevant if not altogether indispensable.
Currently, the department boasts of six competent and well-trained bona fide faculty members in the following specializations who are very instrumental in mentoring young professionals in readiness for entry in the various job markets.

As the department continues to grow, we aspire to increase the number of specializations and become the top department in offering social sciences related courses both nationwide and globally. We look forward to walking the education journey with you and learning together. Once again, welcome.